You Know Things Are Bad When You’re Dad, Who Is Donald Trump Calls You An Idiot

Updated July 14, 2017

While the Trump administration tries to get the world to focus on the idiocy of Donald Trump Jr, the president tries to slink into the background and avoid being linked to the treasonous scandal. Because Trump Jr was scheduling the Trump Tower meeting wit the Russian informant to gather information to help his daddy win the election, it is not farfetched to think that Trump himself had a hand in the act. As Trump Jr’s emails get released, the public sees that he was working behind the scenes with the Russians to gather information intended to defame Hillary Clinton during the summer of 2016. And now his own father is pointing to his first-born son and calling him an idiot.

If you didn’t see, the New York Post published a viral article titled “Donald Trump Jr. is an Idiot.” While the article appears to bash the son of the president for his foolish attempt at colluding with Russian informants, it is really a half-baked effort to hide Trump Sr’s connection to the scandal.

The conservative media wants America to think that the family’s idiot was just trying to impress dad and help win him the presidency. If that’s the case, then the story goes away and the Trump administration sidesteps treason charges in their dealings with Russia.

But Trump Jr was not the only person at the treasonous meeting. Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort also attended. They weren’t looking to adopt a Russian child, but wanted dirt on Hillary Clinton from the Russian government.

Unlike Trump Jr., who has been coddled throughout his career, Kushner and Manafort were political pros. They managed to distance themselves from the Russian connection while throwing Trump Jr. under the bus. And daddy was all too happy to join the “Junior is an idiot” train.

Because Trump administration wants the world to think the president’s eldest son is “just an idiot,” they’re hoping the media ignores the treason and moves onto the next Trump scandal.

Do not buy into this convenient excuse. Perhaps, Trump Jr. was just being an idiot – or perhaps the senior leadership and the president himself were involved in the treasonous crime. We cannot give up so easily and let this issue go. Further investigations should reveal the truth about who was really involved in this fact-finding mission to defame Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Meanwhile, people on the internet shared the following thoughts on Mother Jones:

“The excuse that Don Jr. is an idiot has an effective half-life of one week, max. That defense will not stand. There are too many individuals in play and I expect non-Don Jr connections will emerge,” wrote Dana Dicer.

“Unfortunately for the Trumpians, only their most reality-challenged, Kool-Aid soaked acolytes are sufficiently brain-dead to believe that Junior didn’t tell his daddy all about the meeting before and after it happened, and that our pathological POTUS wasn’t directly involved with the collusion from the get-go. That’ll be the next shoe to drop,” shared Dean Barbour.

“t’s more of a political excuse than a legal one. Trump is demonstrating clear intent and purpose in committing what appears to be criminal acts. He’s simply ignorant of the law.”

What do you think about this issue? Is Trump connected to Russia?

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