White House Employee Finally Admits What We All Knew, Trump Is Clueless

Updated January 11, 2018

Every week, Trump seems to get involved in a fresh scandal. At this point, it has all become part of the constant noise. But as Trump’s staff scrambles to pick up the pieces and try to spin his latest offensive remark or inane action, they accidentally let some of the truth slip through the cracks. Because White House staffers are the ones really doing the work to keep the president looking professional, they’re getting tired of the difficult job. And now one White House employee officially admitted that he has no idea if Trump even looked at his own national security strategy.

That means Trump is flying blind. Although this was something we already suspected, the White House has officially confirmed that nothing is going on upstairs.

National security spokesman Michael Anton came forward to confess that he “can’t say” if Trump knew about or read the 55-page document that details the national security strategy of the United States of America.

This document, which is vital to the safety of millions of Americans, was just another thing Trump delegated to his inferior reports so he could keep up on his golf game and his avid Twitter addiction.

Anton said:

“The president has been involved in the drafting of it from the beginning, has been presented with sections of it over the past many months and was briefed on the final document several weeks ago. The president himself personally led the presentation of the document to his Cabinet only about a week ago.

“I can’t say that he’s read every line and every word. He’s certainly had the document, the entire, throughout the process and has been briefed on it. And remember, this document specifically is based on his words, it’s based on his campaign speeches and his major speeches this year. So this document is a summation of everything he’s been talking about for at least the past two years and really much longer.”

While we already knew that Trump was not a reader (except for his Twitter feed and celebrity gossip magazines), we also knew that he was not a writer. His books have been written by other people, including “The Art of the Deal,” which was written in 1987 by Tony Schwartz.

When Schwartz first heard that Trump was running for President, he felt personally implicated.

The New Yorker reported that “Schwartz had ghostwritten Trump’s 1987 breakthrough memoir, earning a joint byline on the cover, half of the book’s five-hundred-thousand-dollar advance, and half of the royalties.”

To create the book, Schwartz spent 18 months with Trump starting in 1985.

When Trump declared that he was running for president, the author of “The Art of the Deal” felt his stomach drop out. Trump lied about the book. He said that he wrote it when in reality, Schwartz wrote the book.

“If he could lie about that on Day One—when it was so easily refuted—he is likely to lie about anything.”

And Trump has not stopped lying since. But the house of cards Trump has built from his lies is crashing down as his involvement with Russia becomes more evident.