Trump’s “Sh*thole” D.C. Hotel Loses 2 Stars After Travelers Publish Honest Reviews

Updated January 19, 2018

After President Trump issued his racist comments against Haiti and African nations, he provoked the American people to retaliate. Trump expressed his preference for Norway, a country with predominately white people, compared to nations with predominately black people, namely Haiti and certain African nations. And although he denies ever calling these places “sh*thole countries” and claims he is the “least racist person,” America is not buying Trump’s lies. And people started protesting against him on the streets. Not only are Haitian Americans marching on Trump’s deteriorating Palm Beach resort Mar-a-Lago, one artist project “Sh*thole” onto Trump’s lackluster D.C. hotel.

And now people from around the nation are turning to Yelp to publish their honest reviews about the lame hotel.

New Knowledge, a company that tracks the spread of misinformation on the internet (and has been working double-time since Russian-backed news sites helped get Trump elected with fake news), reported that Trump’s D.C. hotel dropped two stars after more than 800 negative and HONEST reviews were published between Thursday and Monday. More negative reviews have come in since then as well.

The reviewers report how Trump’s hotel was nothing more than a crappy building with the name “Trump” slapped on the façade.

“This place is a sh*thole and is run by an open racist,” one reviewer wrote. “the place has bed bugs, bad service and caters to white supremacists.”

Another critic posted the following honest review:

“A real sh*thole. Decore is like something out of Hunger Games, clientele out of Mad Max, and all the profits support the sh*tty owners. Stay away. You’ll feel dirty for even associating with this crappy joint.”

Another person referenced Trump’s self-proclaimed “genius.”

“As a very stable genius, trust me, this place is a sh*thole,” a review contributed.

More reviews included:

“There was an orange hair in my salad, and the restaurant refused to get me a new one even though 73% of the customers agreed that the salad was not up to par.”

“This place is an absolute sh*thole. Don’t say and line the pockets of the idiot in chief.

“Terrible experience. I don’t curse on Yelp, but it’s not a nice place. The guy who runs the place was tough to get rid of. Tweets too much. And in general is bad at his job. Can’t wait until it gets new management.”

“Place is a total sh*thole. Imagine a hot orange turd baking in August D.C. sun. Kudos to the staff for working so hard in such terrible conditions.”

“This is my favorite sh*thole, and I love giving my money to Trump. Hopefully, Trump will use the money to expand the hotel and to build a wall and charge Mexico for it. The sh*thole beds are very uncomfortable, and it feels like raw metal springs in your back at night.”

“Total sh*thole. It even had the description projected onto the front entrance a few nights ago. I was thinking of agreeing to pay a certain amount but then reneging and paying a fraction, but only a real *sshole would do something like that.”

Have you ever stayed at one of Trump’s deteriorating hotels or resorts? What was your honest review of it?