Trump’s People Admits Soldiers Killed In Niger Were ‘Inexplicably Left Behind’ Possibly Alive

Updated December 11, 2017

When Trump got into a tassel with a military widow, he tried to spin his blunder in his favor. Unfortunately, the nation saw that his lack of empathy was the cause of the horrendous mistake. But speaking down to a military widow is not the only mistake Trump has made concerning the four American soldiers killed during the ambush in Niger. Now his team at the Pentagon is coming forward to expose how Trump “inexplicably” left behind and were possible STILL ALIVE.

In Niger, a chaotic fight started when militants ambushed the soldiers. They attacked the reconnaissance patrol that included 30 Nigeriens, and 11 Americans. French helicopters arrived at the scene to save the day but were only able to pick up seven out of the 11 Americans. The remaining four were left to die by the hands of the militants.

The Pentagon revealed this truth and the fact that the four Americans were left behind for no good reason.

“The four others were inexplicably left behind. (They were) no longer in radio contact and initially considered missing in action by the Pentagon, (which is) a status that officials say raises the possibility they were still alive when the helicopters took off without them.”

Later, American commandos arrived to pick up the corpses of Staff Sgt. Bryan C. Black, Staff Sgt. Jeremiah W. Johnson, and Staff Sgt. Dustin M. Wright. They left the body of Sgt. La David Johnson behind. It took three nations, two more days to find his mangled corpse. And a few weeks after that Trump finally found time to call Johnson’s grieving widow.

Trump’s response to this attack is under Congressional inquiry. The inquest continues to drag on after more than a month has passed since the October 4th attack. With Trump’s response to the attack and his treatment of the military widow, it is no wonder Americans are demanding more answers. But now that the Pentagon admits that the four Americans were “inexplicably left behind,” we have more questions than answers.

Senators remain ignorant to the number of troops deployed in the distant African nation. And they want answers and the TRUTH from Trump. This mistake for the President could turn into his own Benghazi-gate.

“I need to be able to look families in the eye and explain what our mission is, what mistakes were made in this incident, who made them and why,” said Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut.

While Trump divvied out a response that lacked empathy in the wake of the tragedy, military families deserve so much more. It took the president weeks to make the condolence call finally and then he couldn’t even remember the name of the man who died serving his country – also though he presumably had a document right in front of him. Was it because he was black? No one can say for sure.

Do you think the Congressional inquiry should take a closer look at Trump’s ability to be commander-in-chief? Many are calling for his impeachment. Do you agree?