Trump Uses Disgusting Scheme To Hide His Latest Luxury Paid For By Taxpayers

Updated January 11, 2018

Someone who considers facts moveable and changeable is inherently a hypocrite. If they do not value anything they say or do and consider it all to be a means to an end, then they have no moral compass. They have no reasons to stick by their word or follow through and be accountable to anyone but themselves. And that’s exactly the kind of person who is filling up the chair in the Oval Office.

Donald Trump attacked President Obama for playing golf for years. And while campaigning in the low-income and uneducated regions of America, the places where people cannot afford to go golfing, let alone take a vacation, he promised he would be too busy “presidenting” to take vacations or play with his white golf balls. He even said he’d hardly leave the White House. But his turned out to be just one of the proliferation of lies Trump spews into the public domain to get people to like him and trust him. In truth, he spends a lot of time playing with his white golf balls.

Compared to any president ever, Trump has spent more time on the golf course than them all. And this leaves his inept White House communications teams constantly inventing new lies to cover the president’s obsession with white golf balls. And as they continuously try to spin the truth in a web of lies, they’ve been caught with their pants down on numerous occasion. And they’re getting to the point when they simply substitute the word “meetings” with “golfing.”

For instance, if they say the president is in meetings all day, you can be sure he’s at the golf course before lunch. And on Wednesday, they were caught in yet another lie.

They decided to spin the president’s obsession with white balls on the golf course to a whole new level. But CNN caught them in their lie. And it is absurd.

As CNN reporter Dan Merica follows President Trump to Florida to keep coverage on him, he managed to get footage of the president busy at work on the golf course in West Palm Beach for days on end.

As he reports into Don Lemon, Merica says that Trump’s team did not allow press onto the golf course because they knew it would be a media explosion.

But Merica and other media agents have “taken to going outside the golf course and filming him as he golfs through a break in the hedges near the club.”

Because it was so easy to catch Trump lounging about and lazing around when he claimed to be busy at “meetings,” the president is infuriated. So the president doled out taxpayer money to block the hedges.

“Today a big white box truck parked in front trying to obscure our shot of President Trump golfing,” Merica told Lemon during the report.

Because Trump is trying to hide the truth, he is making it hard for the media to report honestly. And this is a big problem concerning the right to the freedom of the press.

“President Trump golfs on a regular basis,” Merica said. “According to our count, 87 times as president. This was a man who ran for president and criticized Barack Obama for regularly golfing during his presidency. But that criticism hasn’t continued in the Trump presidency. He has regularly visited the golf courses he’s owned, and White House aides have been hesitant ever to confirm that he’s golfing.”