Trump Becomes Humiliated, Back Tracks On Latest Dumb Promise.

Updated July 14, 2017

While the rest of the world leaders at the G20 summit had their own agendas, Trump allowed Putin to determine the schedule of their meeting. Putin published what he wanted to talk to Trump about whereas Trump showed up with nothing prepared as usual. As a result, Putin was able to manipulate Trump and get the president to come around to his side. And Trump was not afraid to share Putin’s plan on his Twitter account and make the entire country embarrassed. And now Trump is licking his wounds after the entire internet laughed at him.

On Sunday, Trump broke the internet for all the wrong reasons. After posting the following tweet, the world was laughing at him – and at America.

“Putin & I discussed forming an impenetrable Cyber Security unit so that election hacking, & many other negative things, will be guarded…,” Trump tweeted on his personal account.

Trump’s proposal to work alongside Putin, whose country hacked the 2016 presidential election, was practically treason. Not only does Trump fail to recognize how Putin hacked the election to get him in office, the rest of the world sees it clearly. Putin wanted Trump in office because he could manipulate him – as became clear after just one meeting during the G-20 summit.

Not only did liberals and Democrats ridicule Trump’s idea, even staunch Republicans like Marco Rubio and John McCain thought it was idiotic.

Because Trump doesn’t sleep, he must have been extra tired after returning to America following his useless meetings at the G-20 summit where the world continued to laugh at his form of “leadership.” If you didn’t read, Trump was the laughing stock of the summit and world media organizations are ridiculing him all over the globe.

When he got off the plane and after a round of golf, Trump must have checked his Twitter account. After he checked, he would have seen not one single fantastic reply but a load of negative responses that must have made him glow red with humiliation.

He had thought his partnership with Putin would be an “impenetrable” idea that all America would have loved. Why not work with the people who hacked America and rigged our election?

What else could explain Trump’s Twitter apology and retraction? Here’s what he wrote hours after his ludicrous proposal to work with Putin on cyber security.

“The fact that President Putin and I discussed a Cyber Security unit doesn’t mean I think it can happen. It can’t-but a ceasefire can,& did!”

Realizing that his first tweet was an admission of the election hacking, Trump scrambled to fix his error. But it was much too late, the entire internet was already laughing at and ridiculing him. The president must feel embarrassed now that he came back from an international summit without achieving a thing besides getting the world to laugh at him.

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