Top White House Adviser: Muslims Can Never Coexist With Others In America

Updated January 29, 2018

It probably comes as no surprise that one of Trump’s top White House advisers, Frank Wuco, has a long and documented history of anti-Muslim views. When he worked as a security consultant before Trump picked him for the White House job, Wuco would be a fictional “jihadist” to test out his anti-Muslim theories. Now a report has been released that indicates the White House senior adviser at the Department of Homeland Security has a bone to pick with Muslims. He previously said that “true” Muslims could never peacefully “coexist” or “mingle with other faiths.”

Wuco’s xenophobic remarks are shocking. But given that he works for Trump, it is just another example of how the president and his hand-picked representatives exhibit racist and judgments against non-white cultures and people.

Frank Wuco was a veteran naval intelligence officer and built a career as a conservative radio personality. He would seize any opportunity he could to be a pundit for the far-right issues on radio and television.

Donald Trump handpicked Wuco in 2017 to be his adviser.

While speaking on the Blog Talk Show of “The Willie Lawson Show” in August 2010, Wuco pretended to be an expert on “true” Islam. This xenophobic audio byte was found by the watchdog group Media Matters for America and exposed to the public on Monday.

Wuco said:

“[There’s] a critical misunderstanding of the true nature of Islam, which was never intended to coexist, to complement, to mingle with other faiths. It is clearly stated in the law, in the traditions, in the Quran, that Islam is here to abrogate all faiths that came before, was sent to abrogate and cleanse the corruption of the Jews and the Christians that are found in the previous scriptures.”

This instance was not the only time, Wuco exposed xenophobic views against Muslims. On a July 2012 radio appearance on “Erskine Overnight,” Wuco argued that “so many have bought in hook, line, and sinker into the Muslim propaganda, particularly generated by the Muslim Brotherhood, that this is a — yeah, it’s a religion that seeks cohabitation and tolerance and peace with non-Muslim faith groups and nationalities and it just simply is not true.”

He continued with his xenophobic rant, adding:

“To say that Islam is willing to coexist peacefully with other religions and other sort of nationalities, if you can have such a thing in Islam, is really antithetical to what the Quran and what Sharia law teaches.”

Trump appointed Wuco to develop nation security policies. And as you can probably guess, Wuco was one of Trump’s most vocal supporter of the Muslim ban.

Although Wuco thinks he is an expert on Islam and the behavior of jihadists, Muslim scholars and representatives from civil rights groups condemned Wuco’s xenophobic remarks.

“First of all, we would need to ask him whether he still believes bigoted and Islamophobic things about Muslims and Islam,” said Ibrahim Hooper, national communications director at the Council on American-Islamic Relations. “My assumption is that he still believes these things. Anyone who believes that an entire faith or religious minority in America is incompatible with our society should not be serving anywhere in our government or be advising our government.”

The Huffington Post reported that Wuco refused to comment on this breaking story.