Russian Ambassador Who Is Supposed To Be Trump’s Friend, Just Embarrassed Him In A Big Way

Updated July 13, 2017

Trump has made approval ratings a thing of the past. Now it’s all about his soaring DISAPPROVAL rating. More than 60 percent of Americans disapprove of Trump as president. According to that poll, more than 192,600,000 people don’t like Trump – that’s nearly three times as many people who voted for him in November. If more people come out to the polls, he’ll surely be defeated next term. Not only does the vast majority of America hate Trump, foreign leaders do too. Now, Russia’s ambassador Sergey Kislyak is complaining about having to work with Trump. We know, Trump’s so boring… join the club.

As the outgoing Russian Ambassador, Kislyak has the privilege of being more honest. In a recent interview, he admitted that working with Trump is difficult. Although America is divided right now and has the same attitude of distrust in the “establishment” that helped usher in the conservative, alt-right coup, these very things make working with America as a foreign power impossible.

Trump “has not taken any real steps” to work with Russia. They continue to use each other for shortsighted ends.

But Kislyak’s gripes about President Trump extended beyond his bullying and fear-mongering tactics. He told the Russian news agency TASS, “Work with Donald Trump’s administration is unfolding uneasily. The internal political struggle in the United States has dealt a heavy blow to Russian-U.S. relations. Sometimes, you are surprised at the ease with which the American establishment is ready to sacrifice normalcy in our relations.”

Nothing about what is happening in America is normal. A reality television star has been elected president. And he uses Twitter to govern and incite mania in his followers.

And on the Russian side, the Kremlin has been accused of orchestrating a cyber attack to take down Hillary Clinton while she was running for president. They broke into government and Democratic party databases and stolen privileged information right from under our noses. And the President, Donald Trump, refuses to even admit that Russia was responsible. He has to worry about cozying up with Putin during their “alone time” at the G20 Summit in Hamburg this weekend.

Kislyak sums up Trump’s personal vendettas and agendas as just “another headache.”

Although working with Trump has been deplorable so far, Kislyak has hope that Putin will be able to turn things around. On Friday, the pair will meet and “determine in which direction interaction between our countries will further develop. There are always opportunities for positive turnaround.”

Meanwhile, Putin has released his agenda with his meeting with Trump. And to his unprepared style, Trump has nothing planned. Once again, Putin will take command of the situation and run Trump under the table in the discussion. Ever since the days Trump was running for president, Russia has had a hand in things. They helped him take power over Hillary Clinton. If it wasn’t for their hacking, we’d probably be saying President Clinton – especially considering she won the popular vote.

Will Trump ever stand up to the Russians?

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