Reporter Who Broke Watergate Just Took A Shot At Trump, The Donald Is Screwed

Updated January 11, 2018

The Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Carl Bernstein who broke the Watergate case that led to the shameful resignation of President Richard Nixon has his sights set on Trump next. As the president continues to use his personal Twitter handle to assault the FBI, the reporter was able to read between the lines.

Trump claimed that the FBI is no longer the nation’s top law enforcement agency because it has been compromised. But this lie is very thin, and Bernstein knows that Trump is the one who is genuinely tainted and corrupt.

Bernstein spoke to CNN about Trump’s corruption.

“The key word that he keeps using is ‘tainted.’ There’s really only one institution that has really been tainted through these months, and that is the Trump presidency.”

While this allegation is something more people need to hear, many of us already knew that Trump was a corrupt liar while he was running for President. Because Trump tells a lie after lie, he is the tainted one. Even his lies’ lies’ are lies. And Bernstein is not afraid to tell it like it is.

“It’s tainted by the president’s lies, by his disrespect for American institutions operating under the law with traditional American democracy and the instruments thereof. He’s contemptuous of those instruments.”

The FBI is still on the side of the good, at least as an institution. It is the Trump administration, headed by the reality television star, who is doing America a “grave disservice.” As Trump continues to undermine public trust in the FBI to protect himself from the incoming consequences of his collusion with Russian spies, he only proves that he is the tainted one.

Bernstein argues that if Trump was innocent of the charges, he would welcome the FBI’s investigation. But because he is “tainted,” he wants to minimize their power and make the American people think they’re out to get him.

In truth, Trump is terrified about what Special Counsel Robert Mueller will uncover. And because Mueller is a hard-working and meticulous lawyer with a lot of law enforcement experience, Trump is worried. So he, therefore, attacks the FBI constantly.

Bernstein witnessed the presidency of Richard Nixon closer than many other people. And in a previous appearance on CNN, he said that Trump is much worse than Nixon ever could have been. While Nixon did wrong, he never demonstrated a lack in the “requisite abilities to exercise the powers of the presidency in a competent manner.”

Trump, on the other hand, is a blundering buffoon.

“We’ve never heard that about Nixon, that Nixon lacked competence, that he lacked intellectual ability, that he was ignorant of history, ” Bernstein said. “So we have all these strands coming together with Donald Trump in an unprecedented president being accused both of illegality and incompetence.”

Trump never accepts responsibility for the problems he causes. Instead, he finds a scapegoat to bear the burden of his crimes. When Obama was president, Trump said Obama was the bad guy – even though his libelous claim that Obama was not an American was proved to be a lie. And now that Trump is president, it is the FBI who is wrong.

Justice may be slow, but it is right. And Mueller is seeking to expose the truth about Trump.