Prince Harry Just Interviewed President Obama, The Details Are Finally Being Released

Updated January 5, 2018

During a recent interview with BBC Radio 4, President  Obama got the royal treatment. Not only did he get to visit the United Kingdom, but he also sat across the table from Prince Harry as the prince himself interviewed the former president on the state of the world and America after in the wake of his presidency. Prince Harry admitted that he was nervous about conducting the interview on the radio, but was honored to sit across from the superb American president.

The Hill reported that Prince Harry said the following about the desperately missed President Obama:

“You’re excited about this. I’m nervous about this!”

Prince Henry of Wales KCVO, or as you probably know him, Prince Harry, is the youngest of Prince Charles’s sons. He may be fifth in line to be on the throne of the United Kingdom, but the people love him.

The prince wanted to interview Obama because they share a common purpose. They are both interested in “promoting youth leadership,” so the Prince of Wales wanted to go directly to the expert. As Obama as dedicated his career to helping people, Prince Harry knew that he would be the best person to get the most to-the-point information from. And Obama did not disappoint.

The two world leaders quickly established rapport, and that was evident during their intelligent discussion. President Trump could never hope to measure up to Obama’s eloquence and charisma.

President Obama asked, “Do I have to speak faster because I’m a slow speaker?” Then he said, “Do I need a British accent?”

Clearly, the two world leaders were able to joke around and have fun with each other while staying on topic and discussing their “shared goals of promoting youth leadership” around the world.

The Prince also shared his sense of humor.

“If you start using long pauses between the answers, you’re probably going to get ‘the face,’ ” Harry said.

The interview was posted on the Twitter account of Kensington Palace. But only a sneak preview is currently available to the public. The complete radio broadcast of Prince Harry and President Obama speech will occur later this month. It is expected to highly anticipated and extremely popular.

Before the interview was recorded, President Obama and Prince Harry met. This helped establish their relationship so the interview could go off without a hitch. They’ve met in Chicago while the Prince was attending the Obama Foundation’s inaugural summit earlier this year. And they also met at Kensington Palace and at the Invictus Games in Toronto.

President Obama and his wife Michelle have turned to Twitter to congratulate the Prince on his recent engagement to Meghan Markle, an African American actress.

“Michelle and I are delighted to congratulate Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on their engagement. We wish you a lifetime of joy and happiness together,” Obama tweeted.

We can expect to see President Obama and the former First Lady Michelle Obama attending Prince Harry’s wedding.

President Trump, on the other hand, won’t likely get invited. He’s kind of a party pooper.

What do you think about the sneak peak of the Prince Harry and Obama interview?