Neighbors Greet Vacationing Pence With ‘Make America Gay Again’ Banner, Has Him Panicking

Updated January 8, 2018

While Mike Pence spends your taxpayer dollars to go on vacation, real Americans showed up to greet him in Colorado. While the Vice President was hoping to get away from all the people he has had to deal with since he was thrust into his position of authority, he got a lot more than snow-covered pine trees and crisp mountain air. Instead, protestors were there to greet the Vice President with a large, rainbow-colored banner that read: “Make America Gay Again.”

Because Mike Pence is anti-Gay and pretty much anti-human rights, he could not have been happy to see the provocative banner.

But the neighbors who lived next to Mike Pence’s Aspen vacation property, were happy to shock the conservative politician and his wife while they were in the predominantly liberal state trying to avoid people with worldviews that are more progressive than them.

But the neighbors share a driveway with the property where the Vice President and his wife were staying. The neighbors hung the humongous pro-LGBTQ flag from a pillar that was in front of the property.

The Aspen community was laughing at Pence’s perceived embarrassment as sharing a driveway with the pro-gay protestors.

Even the police force thought it was a hilarious prank to play on the vice president.

“You couldn’t miss it,” Pitkin County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Buglione told the Aspen Times.

Throughout his career, Pence has fought against giving LGBTQ people equal rights. When he was part of Congress, he was an evangelical supporter of “conversion therapy” in which gay people are encouraged to switch sexual orientation. Instead of accepting the fact that some people are homosexual, Pence wants them to become straight so he can feel better about it. Besides Pence’s conversion therapy camp, he also claimed that gay marriage was a signal of “societal collapse” rather than a step toward equal human rights.

While he was churning out his politically conservative agenda as governor of Indiana, he allowed local businesses to discriminate against LGBTQ people. And when he received widespread criticism, he changed his viewpoint to appease his voters.

The rainbow flag banner was posted to the pillar of the shared driveway. The daughters of the neighbors who lived next door put up the sign along with one of their girlfriends. They were taking immediate action to fight back against the GOP in power.

Despite posting the message that Pence would have found extremely confrontational, the neighbors brought the police officers and Secret Service agents who were put on duty to guard the vice president corn muffins and chili to help them stay warm.

“They’ve been really nice to us,” Buglione told the publication.

The neighbors were trying to share an essential cultural message with the vice president. They were not trying to cause a problem. As a result, they demonstrated that a peaceful protest is possible. And it generates a lot of results and a lot of press.

What do you think about their method of making Pence face the reality that America has gay people?