Justin Trudeau Embarrasses Trump In Front Of The International Audience At Davos

Updated January 29, 2018

The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland attracts leaders from all around the world. One of the best things about the forum is that it gives economic giants and political leaders ample opportunity to meet in person and discuss issues that have been interfering in their relationship. These meetings can often be productive because the Forum has a spirit of camaraderie and collaboration. But Trump did not attend to collaborate. He attended to tell the world that American comes first.

And because Trump systemically seeks to destroy America’s foreign relations by championing a toddler-esque “me first!” strategy, fewer countries are seeking personal meetings with the president at this year’s forum.

Although Canada is one of America’s closest allies and largest trade partner, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did not seek out a meeting with Trump at Davos. He wanted nothing to do with Trump and his immature “America first” policy that is sure to leave America alone, isolated, and poorer than ever before.

And while Trudeau did not seek out a meeting with Trump, he also did not seek out a meeting with any of Trump’s cabinet secretaries that came along with the president for the ride.

And because Trump thinks America is better than Canada, he chose to ignore Trudeau and not seek a meeting. This failure on Trump’s part could poison America’s relationship with Canada, our valuable ally to the north.

Trudeau made sure to leave Davos the day before Trump gave his “America first” keynote address. And in a press conference, Trudeau admitted that he did not seek out a meeting with Trump because he has “many opportunities to exchange on a regular basis with the President. We talk on the phone. We see each other at a broad range of international and local venues.”

Trudeau has had enough of Trump and was not looking for an additional meeting with the president. He’s sick of him!

The last time the President and Canada’s Prime Minster spoke was October 16. The last time they met was a few days before on October 11. They clearly do not share a close connection, or they’d be in more frequent contact.

It’s been more than three months, and Trump doesn’t want to seek out a meeting with America’s top ally.

And there is evidence that America is losing its close relationship with Canada. And this is worrying.

For example, Canada joined ten other influential companies in their effort to bring back the Trans-Pacific Partnership, an initiative that Trump didn’t want to join because it did not make America first.

They also could have discussed how Trump has cracked down on immigrants and his plan to build a wall across the Canadian border.

They also should have made it an effort to discuss NAFTA, which is a big political issue in both Canada and the United States.

“The Prime Minister also participated in a roundtable with key U.S. industry leaders to discuss how we can strengthen trade between Canada and the U.S. and modernize NAFTA to the benefit of the middle class in North America,” Trudeau’s office released in a statement.

Do you think Trump’s America first policy is ruining our global position of influence?