James Comey Destroys Trump One More Time In A Elegant New Year’s Eve Tweet

Updated January 8, 2018

Every New Year brings much hope. We get a chance to start fresh and build ourselves up again. And with the year we’ve had with President Trump, we all need a fresh start. While nothing would be as good as a White House free of Trump and with someone much more competent with his or her fingers on the nuclear codes, many people are just struggling to just get through the day. Meanwhile, Former FBI Director James Comey used his Twitter account to give some hope to the millions of downtrodden Americans every year.

And while he was providing some hope to those of us who are wishing that Trump could be repealed and replaced, he also used the opportunity to take an amazing swipe at the Oval Office occupant.

His tweet read as follows:

“Here’s hoping 2018 brings more ethical leadership, focused on the truth and lasting values. Happy New Year, everybody.”

More than 150,000 people liked the former FBI Director’s tweet, and tens of thousands replied and retweeted it.

Because Comey was instrumental in impacting the 2016 election results when he revealed false information about Hillary Clinton just days before the election, he has risen to the national spotlight. And when he was fired from the post of FBI Director in May 2017 by President Trump, even more, people started wondering why.

As Special Counsel Robert Mueller digs deeper into the allegations against Trump and his family’s collusion with the Russian government, Trump continues to try to avoid the strong hand of justice that is about to fall onto him.

When he fired Comey, some speculated that it could levy an obstruction of justice charge in Mueller’s ongoing investigation into the Russian interference in the presidential election.

Although Trump tore him away from his FBI responsibilities, the former FBI Director refused to let Trump silence him. In June 2017, Comey spoke in front of Congress to testify that Trump pressed him to end the FBI’s investigation into Trump’s former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

According to Comey’s public testimony, Trump said, “I hope you can let this go,” in a memo he wrote after their meeting.

The memo’s authenticity was verified by the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

When Mueller took over the investigation for Comey, Flynn became a primary source of conspiracy. And since then, Flynn has been charged with “willfully and knowingly” making “false, fictitious and fraudulent statements.”

Basically, Flynn was charged with spreading lies.

And because Flynn only faces this charge, some speculate that he is cooperating with Mueller and his team to help put Trump and his cronies behind bars for their alleged illegal dealings with the Russians to rig the 2016 presidential election.

Flynn pleaded guilty to the charges only a few weeks after three more of Trump’s former aides were also charged. Former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, Trump’s longtime associate and former campaign adviser Rick Gates, and former foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos. Trump’s network is falling apart.

The investigation makes a lot of progress every week. And Mueller and his team are getting closer and closer to knocking down the big pin in charge. And as Comey’s tweet indicates, hopefully, Robert Mueller will be the hero of 2018 who will be able to unveil the truth about Trump’s corruption.