Instead Of Making The Words Up Himself, Anderson Uses Trump’s Own Words To Destroy Him

Updated July 5, 2017

As Donald Trump proved during the election cycle, he is not afraid of lying through his teeth. Although he managed to brand Hillary Clinton as the liar, every fact checker in journalism was working overtime when Trump took the podium for a speech. He claimed that Mexican immigrants are racists and murderers, he said he would get Mexico to pay for a border wall, he said women find him attractive. Donald Trump did not bat an eye when he produced these lies. Now Anderson Cooper is using Donald Trump’s own words against him to show just how weak the thin-skinned president truly is.

Because Donald Trump operates his Twitter account instead of sleeping, he produces a lot of ridiculous content.

After Trump assailed the hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe – Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, CNN’s Anderson Cooper rallied in their defense by reading some infamous Trumpisms.

Trump didn’t just say the following statements – he published them in his 2015 campaign bible “Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again.”

“‘The president of the United States is the most powerful person in the world. The president is the spokesman for democracy and liberty. Isn’t it time we brought back the pomp and circumstance and the sense of awe for that office that we all held?’” Cooper quoted.

“‘That means everyone in the administration should look and act professionally, especially the president.’” Cooper read. “‘Impressions matter.’”

Cooper warns the sane among us to remember that Trump’s actions and words are abnormal.

“It’s not normal,” Cooper said. ”This is the most powerful man on the face of the entire planet. A man struggling to fulfill promises he’s made on health care reform and a whole host of other issues lashing out personally at a cable news anchor, making snide comments and allegations about her appearance.”

Cooper points out that Trump is not the only person to blame. Everyone in his inner circle who allows him to perpetuate hate and violence is to blame. Even his wife Melania Trump.

Although she ironically proposed to wage a war against cyberbullying, she refuses to start where it matters most – in her own home. What Trump does on his Twitter account can only be described as bullying.

“Donald Trump is many things, but tough is not one of them,” Cooper said, adding: “Tough is fighting for the health care reforms that he actually campaigned on. Tough is rising above insults and actually leading, What our president does is not a display of toughness. It’s a display of weakness of character, of thinness of skin.”

We must resist Trump’s efforts to defile American values. What Trump does is not normal. And we must stay strong and resist his efforts to dehumanize minorities, immigrants and women.

Although the alt-right media is branding liberals as the bad guys, those that see the insanity of Trump’s presidency, must continue to speak out against it. Share stories like this and support outspoken leaders like Anderson Cooper and Dan Rather as they challenge Trump’s sexism, lies and bigotry.

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