Indiana’s Child Services Head Resigned But Not Before Leaving Children With Scary Warning

Updated January 5, 2018

Vice President Mike Pence is known for his ultra-conservative and downright scary views on what goes on in the American household. Besides wanting to outlaw abortion, Pence has radical beliefs concerning the fetus and how children and families should act. Now a long-time veteran of the Indiana Department of Child Services had resigned to protest the outlandish policies put into place by Indiana Governor who took the place of Pence when he became Vice President.

After 36 years serving the children of Indiana, Mary Beth Bonaventura says that she can no longer hold onto her position in good conscience as the ultra-conservative governor cuts funding and puts the lives of Indiana’s children in danger. Mike Pence’s protégé has cut the budget and reduced the staff at the agency and has “systematically placed (children) at risk.” And his horrible actions have left Bonaventura “without the ability to help them.”

Before resigning from her position, the long-time veteran of the Child Protective Services in Indiana released a statement explaining how Pence’s replacement “all but ensures that children will die.”

She said:

“I feel I am unable to protect children because of the position was taken by your staff to cut funding and services to children in the midst of an opioid crisis,” the beloved civil servant, Bonaventure wrote in her resignation letter to Governor Eric Holcomb back on December 12. “I choose to resign rather than be complicit in decreasing the safety, permanency, and well-being of children who have nowhere else to turn.”

Because of Pence’s replacement, the children of Indiana will struggle to live happy, safe and productive lives. He has cut funding to this essential service to the American people in favor of his greed.

Bonaventure went on to warn Governor Holcomb that unless something changes and the children are considered, “I fear lives will be lost and families ruined.”

After 31 years working in the juvenile court system as a referee and later as a magistrate and from 1993 onward as an elected judge, then-Governor Mike Pence appointed her to the leadership position.

Bonaventure attests that Holcomb, who is pro-business and anti-abortion, put an inexperienced nitwit and political pal ahead of her on the totem pole. His lack of experience will kill the agency that is designed to help children who are suffering the most.

The IndyStar reports that the governor’s pal, Eric Miller, “engineered his own hires, exposed the agency to lawsuits, had overridden her decisions, been ‘brazenly insubordinate’ and made cost-cutting decisions without her knowledge.”

Essentially, Miller was gutting the agency without consideration for the children of Indiana.

Bonaventure accuses Miller of being “bent on slashing our budget in ways that all but ensure children will die.”

According to the resigning veteran, DCS Child Support Bureau is weighed down with old technology “on the verge of collapse.”

Despite her years working to upgrade the system, Holcomb ordered Miller to abort the plan “risking a financial crisis for millions of Hoosier families.”

In short, a Republican, who is a pawn of big business and the Christian church, cut essential services to people in need to ensure a bigger payout to his donors.