Hannity Forced To Make Embarrassing On-Air Correction About Lie He Was Caught Spreading

Updated January 29, 2018

Trump knows no bounds when it comes to the loyalty of his mad-dog supporters on the Fox News Network. But perhaps his loudest Fox support is Sean Hannity. But on a recent broadcast, the host was forced to complete an embarrassing and awkward turn around when he had to admit the truth about Trump’s illegal efforts. Trump wanted to fire Robert Mueller last year. This was a highly illegal order that the president is unable to follow through with. The president should not be able to terminate the Special Counsel who is investigating his campaign for its treasonous connection to the Russian government.

Hannity has never proclaimed to be a journalist. He has even said so to the contrary loudly before. And Fox does not pay him as part of their “news” division. He is just there to rile up the Republican base and spread propaganda to influence the gullible masses.

Because he is not tied to the truth that “news” reporters are supposed to honor, Hannity can espouse any crazy conspiracy theories that he wants. He is one of the first to talk about the “secret societies” that are trying to knock Trump out of power. And because he is not tied to the truth, Fox lets him say whatever he wants so long as his viewers keep watching. And they do. The conservative base keeps tuning in to watch Hannity rant and rave to the detriment of the American political system and our society.

When the story broke that Trump tried to strong-arm White House Counsel Don McGahn into firing special counsel Robert Mueller, Hannity was first on the scene to spin lies to influence the conservative base and keep their eyes pried away from the truth. But Don McGahn stood by his morals and refused to honor Trump’s illegal demand.

Because this story shines a negative light on Trump, Hannity decided to create a lie and spin it out of control to confuse the conservative base who watches Fox.

“They’re trying to change the story. At this time, the New York Times is trying to distract you,” Hannity says, unknowingly revealing his own sinister tactics.

“They have a story out that President Trump wanted Mueller fired, sometime last June, and the President’s attorney ‘dismissed the story’ and says, nope, no comment, we’re not going there.”

But as it turned out Fox producers were forced to listen to their conscience on this one. And later in the SAME program, the producers forced Hannity to tell Fox viewers the truth about Trump’s attempt to fire Mueller after he started investigating his campaign for treason.

As he spoke the truth for one of the first times in recent weeks, Hannity acted like a spoiled brat forced to eat his vegetables.

“All right. So we have sources tonight, just confirming to Ed Henry, that yeah, maybe. Donald Trump wanted to fire the Special Counsel for conflict. Does he not have the right to raise those questions?”

Although the rest of the country knows that Trump’s collusion with Russia is the most significant crime committed in the White House since Watergate, Fox News is not ready for their viewers to know that.