GOP Senator Who Opposed Trumpcare Just Received Terrifying Letter From Republicans

Updated July 27, 2017

Although the GOP wants the American people to think they’re all one happy family, the political party is on the rocks. With more division between people in the GOP party than were back during the days of the Civil War, the political party might not survive the 45th president’s term. Because Trump seems to have his own agenda – to promote his family’s fashion lines – he doesn’t care if the GOP wins or not. And to the GOP this is the worst nightmare possible. But while Trump can do whatever he wants without much public backlash from his GOP cronies, other members of the GOP better watch their backs if they don’t follow their party’s agenda. That’s what Republican Nevada Senator Dean Heller learned after he pointed out the prolific flaws of the failed Trumpcare bill. Someone broke into his office and left a threatening note.

When the senator read the threatening note left after the break-in, reported that the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police confirmed someone broke into the senator’s office – but they did not confirm that the note had a death threat in it or if there was even a note at all. But the Senator and his team are scared. They have not even shared a comment about what happened, claiming instead that they “can’t comment on or discuss ongoing investigations.”

Because Senator Heller is one of the Republican senators who refused to vote for Senator Majority Leader Mitch MdConnell’s flawed, uncivilized bill to “repeal and replace” Obamacare, his own party has turned on him like a pack of hyenas.

As the target of the far-right bullying campaign, Heller has been beaten into political submission. The Trump fan club called America First Priorities has even invested more than $250,000 in planting anti-Heller stories on Facebook.

Just like how the Indiana GOP asked people for Obamacare “Horror Stories,” this GOP scheme backfired horribly.

According to The Nevada Independent’s Jon Ralston, “A note taped to Sen. Dean Heller’s campaign office was from someone asserting that he would lose his health care if the key senator voted for the repeal bill and that he would die if that happened and would take Heller with him, a law enforcement source said.”

Heller has been outspoken against the Trumpcare plan that would take away health care for millions of people and ruin lives of Americans in all fifty states.

“I’m telling you right now, I cannot support a piece of legislation that takes away insurance from tens of millions of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Nevadans,” Heller said last month.

The forced entry in Heller’s office happened just days after the Federal Election Commission ruled that House and Senate legislators now can use campaign donations to invest in security upgrades to their personal homes.

Mitch McConnell’s former aide Josh Holmes told the New York Times: “That the White House is asking people to take a tough vote and then running ads against members while we’re still in negotiations is so dumb it’s amazing we even have to have the conversation.”

Do you think Senator Heller is under attack from the GOP sore losers? What should be done to protect people who oppose Trump?

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