GOP Risks The Lives Of 9 Million Children To Hold Congress Hostage

Updated January 22, 2018

If the GOP has their way, the Children Health Insurance Plan could run out of money by Friday. Because the Republicans, who have control of both the House and the Senate, are stalling, the government is threatening to shut down. Not only is this irresponsible on behalf of the Republicans, but it is also immoral. The GOP has been cited as using CHIP, which ensures millions of children have access to health care and other life-saving measures, to influence the Democrats and shame them into signing the horrible spending bill that will be bad for millions of Americans.

With the looming government shutdown approaching, the GOP has been filled with infighting as they ineptly try to figure out solutions to immigration, military spending, and other vital issues.

And because the Republicans do not want to do the right thing for the American people, both House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell are left without enough votes to push their agendas across the table. And that means this lagging short-term spending bill could cause a massive government shutdown, the likes we have never seen before. And if that happens, it is a significant failure for the GOP-run government that should effect midterm elections this November.

Because the GOP wants to win the war on spending, they added CHIP, which offers low-income children life-saving health services, to the spending bill as a way to guilt the Democrats into signing the atrocious bill.

For example, Republican Senator Mike Rounds of South Dakota turned to Buzzfeed News reporter Paul McLeod to reveal the immoral tactic:

McLeod tweeted, “Per Rounds, passing CHIP on its own would cause Republicans to lose major leverage: ‘Look, here’s the deal. If Republicans simply authorize six years of CHIP that’s one less reason for Democrats to work with us on a long-term omnibus solution.’”

Because the GOP is playing with children’s lives, the government will have to begin notifying low-income parents that the GOP has taken away their children’s health care.

Eleven states are ready to run out of money for CHIP before February ends. And that number doubles by the end of March. Without the GOP support, children in America will start dying. What type of immoral politician would use children’s lives as a bargaining chip for a bill focused on lining their pockets with cash?

For added irony, a nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office reported that funding CHIP promptly and extending it for a decade would save the federal government $6 billion.

As the GOP plays with children’s lives like a gambling addict, Trump has only been adding fuel to the fire. On Twitter, he claimed to oppose adding CHIP to the budget plan. Now the GOP-run Congress is even more confused. And with Paul Ryan and Trump at the helm, they’re flying blind.

Not only have the Republicans resorted to threatening the lives of children to win over Democrats, but they’re also threatening to shut down the government.

When will the GOP care about the average American when they cast their votes?