For The Second Time In A Week, Trump Loses His Way In Public. Looks Like An Absolute Moron

Updated July 14, 2017

Just days after Trump got lost on his way to his limo, he los his way ON STAGE in Poland. Trump is oldest president to ever enter office. And while he tried to ignore this fact and point to Bernie Sanders as being older, Trump is an old man. With numerous video accounts of the president losing his way and seemingly drifting off into a reverie while in public, rumors are spreading that he is developing dementia or is just getting senile. Unfortunately, this time Trump wasn’t just getting off the airplane, he was in a foreign country trying to speak for America. Now the entire world has seen evidence of Trump’s senility and they’re talking about it.

When Trump lost his way while walking to the limousine, Fox News quickly tried to get out in front of the incident. They claimed that Trump did not get lost but was walking toward a helicopter. Although no such thing seemed to be truly happening, Fox News was desperate to explain away the evidence that Trump is growing senile.

But now that Trump got lost on stage in front of the world in Poland, there is no question that something is wrong.

With the limo incident, Trump had his support staff there to redirect him. This time in Poland, he was on stage by himself with no support. He embarrassed himself, as you’ll see in the video below.

Do you think that Trump is growing senile? Here are a number of comments shared via Facebook on Washington Journal.

Wendy Cohen wrote, “Okay, it’s getting scarier by the day. And what is with that stupid clapping? Does he think he is going to con the audience into clapping for him? That may have worked at his rallies, but he looks like a carnival barker when he does that on the international stage.”

“he is standing there because he is expecting for them to kiss his big toe….or bow to him, or something adoring.”

Jamie Warner shared, “Bye Bye Trumpo ……won’t be long now. I have no problem with a Republican being in office if he can see the big picture with All Americans being included, he does not. He is not a Republican he is not a Christian, he is nothing but a money seeking , power seeking narcissist with the early signs of Alzheimer’s.”

“He stepped out from behind his bullet proof shield, bet the Secret Service was having mini strokes.”

“He needs a harness with a leash,,, such a fool, the whole planet is laughing at the biggest loser ever… unfortunately we got him. RESIST. 2018 is. Coming closer every day,,, we must put the dems back in the house,” wrote Teka Clark.

“Sad…he’s such a bully no one wants to tell him what to do!”

“No aide up there to gold his hand and guide him! Dementia!”

What do you think about the evidence of Trump’s descent into dementia? And how should America respond?

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