Fiance Of Former Trump White House Insider Drops Bombshell, Trump Knows He’s Screwed

Updated January 29, 2018

Not long ago, former Trump campaign adviser, George Papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. And now his fiancée, Simona Mangiante, has come forward to tell the world that adviser was in constant contact with Trump’s campaign leadership. And he was most certainly not just a “coffee boy” as he had previously claimed. Although Papadopoulos pleaded guilty in December, Simona says there is a lot to come that the public does not suspect.

“There’s a lot to come,” Simona Mangiante told The Washington Post. “He was the first one to break a hole on all of this.”

Although Simona managed to get away without spilling all the juicy details, she did hint that he would be forever remembered as a significant player in the Russia scandal. She compared him to John Dean of the Nixon administration.

Dean served as White House counsel for Nixon during the historic Watergate scandal. And he eventually cooperated with prosecutors and helped pin the burden of responsibility on the president forcing him to resign.

Papadopoulos was the foreign policy adviser in Trump’s presidential campaign back in 2016. And he was suspected of dealing with Russia throughout the campaign.

When Robert Mueller announced that Papadopoulos was cooperating with his investigation, Trump quickly denied that the adviser held a major role. Instead, Trump said he was a “low-level volunteer” and a person who had “proven to be a liar.”

But few people have been proven to lie as much as Trump.

Simona said that Papadopoulos “set up meetings with leaders all over the world. “ And Trump’s adviser was “constantly in touch with high-level officials in the campaign.”

Simona was surprised that Trump called the major campaign adviser a coffee boy. She said:

“I know what it means as a young person to do all the efforts you do to build your career and be dismissed as a coffee boy.”

Papadopoulos and Simona Mangiante met online last spring and were engaged by September. In the middle of their courtship, the FBI arrested him in July.

“We went from paradise to hell,” Mangiante told the Post.

Although they are engaged, she thinks he will be remembered for betraying Trump when the moment is right.

“I believe history will remember him like John Dean,” she said. “George is very loyal. And he is on the right side of history.”

Just like how Dean told Nixon in 1973 that Watergate was a “cancer on the presidency,” Simona suggested that Papadopoulos made a similar suggestion to Trump with his alleged involvement with Russia.

Simona was so proud that the former campaign adviser came clean to the FBI. She was glad he told the truth about Trump’s Russian involvement because it had the potential to be treasonous to the United States.

“It was brave,” she said. “It wasn’t hard, but it was brave . . . It’s always easiest to say the truth about everything. This has changed his life forever.”

Do you think Papadopoulos’s testimony has the potential to put Trump in hot water? What do you think Mueller’s investigation will reveal?