Eric Trump Thought It Was Smart To Lash Out At Keith Olbermann, Now Watch Him Get Decimated

Updated July 27, 2017

With all the attention on Donald Trump Jr.,  his younger brother Eric Trump must feel left out. Although no one likes Trump Jr. right now because there is evidence that he colluded with Russian informants to gather “dirt” against Hillary Clinton back during the 2016 presidential campaign. Not only that, but signs point to the likely event that Trump himself was present during this meeting with the Russian informant. If that is true, then the Trump clan did collude with Russia to poke holes in American democracy. And that is not good. Yesterday, GQ special correspondent Keith Olbermann gave a response to a ludicrous tweet from the White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, reminding her that Trump’s middle son Eric is also under investigation. He allegedly funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars from a children’s cancer charity into the Trump family pocket.

You heard that right. Eric Trump has been accused of stealing money from children with cancer to line his daddy’s pockets.

Kellyanne Conway had tweeted “That would be something. Especially if some of those countries repress girls & women.”

That’s when Olbermann issued his reply to her, “I understand your confusion. You’re thinking of Eric Trump self-dealing charity cash to himself from golf tournaments.”

That’s when things got very interesting. And Olbermann could not believe his good luck. Eric Trump replied to the Democratic pundit’s message and thus began an epic Twitter feud.

“You mean the $16.3 million dollars I have raised for dying children (before the age of 33) at a 12% expense ratio. What good have you done?” Eric Trump wrote to Olbermann.

Olbermann took Trump’s weak response and completely destroyed the second son.

“So late last night I found out @erictrump reacted poorly to my Saturday AM tweet about his cut of charity fundraising #Good #QusayNotHappy,” Olbermann began. Then he wrote, “So 12% is what you skimmed/self-dealt back to Trump Org, Sonny? The $1m+ I’ve donated to St Jude’s, Make-A-Wish etc came out of my pocket.”

Olbermann then shared a photo of red-faced Eric beside his smirking father.

“Remind everybody again which one of us was taking $1.2m in charity as “payment” for a family golf course?”

Olbermann did not hold back his rampage on Twitter from the second Trump son.

“Charity is when you see people with less or in need, and you give them some of yours, Sonny. It’s not “a 12% expense ratio” (i.e. “profit”) Lastly, Kid when we put you, your disloyal bro @DonaldJTrumpJr and treasonous @realDonaldTrump in prison we will all have done GREAT good.”

After Keith Olbermann blasted Eric Trump on Twitter, the son of the president blocked the Democrat on Twitter. Yes, he was that petty after the internet squabble.

Olbermann blasts him one final time with, “Awww! @erictrump, really? Snowflake folds!”

What do you think about Eric Trump losing the twitter feud to Keith Olbermann?

MaryLeone Sullivan said, “EPIC. Daddy didn’t teach little Trumpettes about ethics and morals. Guess Grandpa didn’t teach it either.”

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