Eric Trump Runs His Mouth On The Government Shutdown, Makes Dumbest Claim Of All Time

Updated January 25, 2018

On Saturday, Eric Trump, Donald Trump’s second son, went on Fox News to tell America that the government shutdown was “a good thing for us.” And why does he think that? He thinks it makes the Democrats look bad. With the Republicans in control of the presidency, the House, and the Senate, they should have been able to avoid a government shutdown. Instead, on the eve of Trump’s one-year anniversary of taking office, the government shuttered its doors and gave up on the American people.

While Eric Trump thinks this is a game, American lives are on the line as vital services wait to be funded until the GOP can craft a spending bill that makes sense.

Eric made the shocking comment during a telephone call with Fox News host Jeanine Pirro. While celebrating with his father at Mar-a-Lago, the president’s deteriorating resort in Palm Beach, Florida, the rest of the country was suffering. And the Trumps were throwing a $100,000 bash to celebrate all the “wins” Trump has ushered in since he took office last year.

When Senators started talking about a short-term funding agreement, Trump waited around in Washington to see that through. At the time of this writing, the Republicans have yet to propose an agreement that makes sense for the American people, instead of just the top one percent of income earners.

Democrats wanted to protect the 800,000 people who were served under DACA as undocumented immigrants. These people were brought to the United States as children and did not choose to come to the country, which they now consider to be their home.

Trump is struggling to find funding for his Mexican border wall. And he also wants to increase the military budget, probably because he keeps stoking the flames of war with the North Korean dictator.

Meanwhile, Democrats are fighting to protect DREAMers and children protected under the Children’s Health Insurance Program – which Republicans want to cut.

And Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said on Saturday that dealing with Trump was like “negotiating with Jello.”

While Eric Trump was talking to Pirro on Fox News, he said:

“Honestly, I think it’s a good thing for us, Judge, because people see through it.”

The president’s second son thinks that Democrats are to blame for the government shutdown despite the Republican’s control of the government.

And in a shocking display of immaturity, Eric Trump claimed the Democrats were out to get his father.

“The only reason [Democrats] want to shut down government is to distract and to stop his momentum,” Eric Trump said. “My father has had incredible momentum. He’s gotten more done in one year than arguably any president in history. How do [Democrats] divert from that message? … They obstruct, they distract, they try to place blame.”

Then Eric called his father the “hardest working person I’ve ever met in my life. He has the Democrats absolutely terrified.”

Meanwhile, Trump and his press secretary are desperately trying to rename the Republican failure, the “Schumer shutdown.”

But Americans know who is really to blame.