Congress Sent The U.S. Treasury A First-Of-Its-Kind Letter About Trump’s Financial Crimes

Updated January 12, 2018

It is no secret that Donald Trump is more boast than truth. When every other word that comes out of his mouth is either a gross exaggeration or a proven lie, it becomes difficult to take anything Trump says at face value. He switches points of view to suit the moment and lies about his achievements and numerous business failures. Nevertheless, the Republican base has devoured the lie that Trump is a good businessman.

He is not a good businessman. He scams his contractors out of pay. His businesses have gone bankrupt. And even his own biographer and author of the Art of the Deal tells the public that Trump is nothing more than a con artist.

Trump did not share his tax returns while running for president because he knew they would incriminate him. But his deceit has run its course. And now Congressional Democrats are hitting back hard.

A group led by Representative Maxine Waters, the highest-ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee, has sent a letter demanding the Trump’s lackey and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin provide his cooperation in Mueller’s Russia investigation.

The Waters group sent Mnuchin a previous letter asking him to explain his and Trump’s “potential money laundering violations by Russian persons and the Trump organization.”

But Mnuchin ignored the first letter. However, crimes like this do not disappear overnight. He is going to have to answer to his collusion in the crimes the Trump administration could have committed.

Mnuchin, a former employee of Goldman Sachs, one of the prominent financial institutions culpable in the 2008 financial crisis, failed to disclose $100 million worth of assets when he was nominated for his current position. This lack of truth points to his culpability in helping Trump cover up his own financial crimes.

The Washington Press paraphrased the Democratic lawmakers as follows:

“1. Do you have knowledge of Trump-related money laundering?

“2. As finance chair, did you transfer ill-gotten funds on behalf of the Russians?

“3. Have you been asked to destroy incriminating evidence?

“4. Have you been asked by any government agency to recuse yourself from regulatory matters relating to the President and his inner circle?

“5. What steps have you taken to recuse yourself?

“6. Has Trump or anyone connected to him told you not to recuse yourself (as he did with Attorney General Jeff Sessions)?”

To logical thinkers, the Democratic request is quite straightforward. Lawmakers have the right to know to what extent Mnuchin was involved in any financial crimes committed between Trump and his illegal dealings with the Russian government.

The letter had a simple call to action. They asked Mnuchin to recuse himself from the investigation and to reply to their staunch letter by no later than January 17.

Will Mnuchin respond? Only time will tell, but if Trump has set any precedent during his short time as president, it is to ignore as much as possible until it is too late – unless it is a direct attack on how you look or your age. Then, as Trump has proven, the only response is to threaten nuclear war.