Armed Rednecks Wage A New Kind Of War On Trump, Chanting “Guns Are Fine. Racism Is Not.”

Updated July 27, 2017

Although you’d probably assume rednecks are in Trump’s camp, that is simply not the case. Many so-called rednecks – more than you’d expect – are die-hard Democrats. And although they are not as commonly heard from in the media, they are beginning to stand up for their beliefs and convince other members of their communities to be more liberal. Now a well-armed group that combats racism in America has used America’s gun culture against conservatives and Trump to gather a squadron of rural white voters to fight back against racism and police brutality.

The national network of so-called rednecks aims to protect minorities and other victims of racism and injustice. And with Trump in the White House – a president who openly thinks all male Mexicans are “rapists” and has an agenda against Muslims – minorities need white advocates more now than ever.

“Redneck Revolt is a national network of community defense projects from a broad spread of political, religious, and cultural backgrounds. It is a pro-worker, anti-racist organization that focuses on working class liberation from the oppressive systems which dominate our lives,” the organization’s website states. “In states where it is legal to practice armed community defense, many branches choose to become John Brown Gun Clubs, training ourselves and our communities in defense and mutual aid.”

The group got their name from the 1921 “Battle of Blair Mountain” when about 10,000 United Mine Workers of America organized a labor uprising that ended up being the largest in United States history. The strikers wore red bandanas around their necks. Over 1,000,000 rounds of ammuniation were fired before Republican President Warren Harding sent the military to the scene.

More than 60were killed and 1,000 labor strikers were arrested.

Now the Redneck Revolt is using the second amendment against the Republicans.

“We use gun culture as a way to relate to people,” Redneck Revolt organizer Max Neely told Alternet. “Our basic message is: guns are fine, but racism is not.”

“Redneck Revolt inserts themselves into overwhelmingly white spaces—NASCAR races, gun shows, flea markets in rural communities, and country music concerts—to offer a meaningful alternative to the white supremacist groups who often also recruit in those spaces,” Jared Ware of Shadowproof explained. “Redneck Revolt’s anti-racist, anti-capitalist message seems to be taking hold in communities across the United States. The organization had just 13 chapters in January but has nearly tripled its chapters nationally in the last 6 months. The group now has 34 different branches, 26 of which are in states that voted for Trump.”

Redneck revolt also stands up for LGBTQ rights.

“People need to be able to defend themselves. [We] live in a country in the world where people of color and LGBTQ people are routinely victimized and systematically victimized by the people who claim to be there for their defense,” a Pittsburgh, PA Redneck Revolt organizer named Shaun told Shadowproof. We provide free basic firearms training to pretty much everyone who needs it. We focus on trying to provide [self-defense training] when asked for [by] communities of color and LGBTQ folks.”

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