Alabama Republicans Change The Rules To Try To Make Sure They Never Lose A Election Again

Updated January 29, 2018

It shouldn’t have been so stunning when Democrat Doug Jones defeated alleged child molester Roy Moore in the Alabama special election for its vacant Senate seat. Despite Moore’s allegedly immoral past, he came in a close second to Jones losing by just about 1.5 percent of the votes. Now that Alabama Republicans realize that their voters, especially black women, are unwilling to have a child molester representing them in Washington, they are taking measures to prevent such a loss again in the future. But now that Alabama has a Democrat in the Senate, they’re horrified that Alabama’s conservative values are a thing of the past.

The battle for the Republican seat in the special election was hotly contested. Moore, who fought against the Republican establishment, despite the allegations of sexual misconduct against children, defeated the Trump-backed candidate Luther Strange. That primary race put Trump and his former chief strategist Steve Bannon face to face, and Bannon beat Trump.

And while past elections have proved that Alabama was the reddest of the red states, this year voters decided they needed a change. An accused child molester was not going to cut it for them. Democrats came out to the polls like they had not done in years. A Democrat had not won a statewide race since 1992 when Bill Clinton won the run for president.

Because the GOP thought they were undefeatable in Alabama, they were arrogant. Now that their cockiness has been erased, they’re desperate to put obstacles in place that will prevent another Democrat from winning. This means they plan to make it harder for minorities to vote and to give Democrats fewer chances to take power in the conservative state.

The Hill reported: “The Alabama state House voted Tuesday to end special elections for appointments to U.S. Senate seats. The bill passed 67-31 on a largely party-lined vote… despite a filibuster attempt from state House Democrats.”

Doug Jones had the opportunity to win the Alabama Senate seat after former Senator Jess Sessions left his political role to become the Attorney General under the Trump administration.

Alabama law gave the state governor power to appoint a temporary senator until the replacement was selected in the special election. Now the new law will give the governor power to choose a senator until the next scheduled election. Because general elections happen every two years, the governor appointed politician could retain power, despite not having the support of the state’s residents. Depending on when the slot opens, the temporary appointee could reign for as long as three years without Alabama’s people getting a say.

Because Alabama is a heavily Republican state, the GOP does not want to lose its tight grip on it. That means they’re using any method possible to prevent Democrats from gaining power. Because Alabama voters want Democrats in office, as the latest vote proves, the GOP needed to resort to underhanded tactics to strip power away from the people and give it to the governor. They are slowly disenfranchising voters and weakening their say when it comes to who represents their interest. That is not a Democracy.